Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seashells, Shimmer and Sunshine!

Seashells, Shimmer, and Sunshine!

If that's not a tongue twister I don't know what is! This will be the theme of a 300 cupcake order we received for a baptism. The cupcakes will be a collaboration between Sonia (the new co-owner of Simply Rita, Athens) and myself. We envision crumbled graham crackers sprinkled on each cupcake to represent the sand, topped by edible bronze shimmered seashells and starfish. The theme colors will be coral and turquoise. We believe these cupcakes will look beautiful and fit perfectly with the party theme. Here are some of the edible designs we made. We are anxious to see the end result. More pictures will be posted when the cupcakes are complete!

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