Friday, June 17, 2011

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Kokona Street?

My Kokona's 2nd Birthday!

When trying to decide what theme to pick for Kokona's 2nd birthday party it was pretty evident that it would be Sesame Street. I didn't have a specific idea in mind but the party elements evolved after I created the invite.Front Back
Creating the invitation was rather complex, it took hours on PowerPoint! My inspiration came from an Abby Cadaby headband I stumbled upon at the dollar store. So I dressed Kokona up as Abby Cadaby and incorporated her into the invite as that character. After I created the invitation, I was able to use that as a guide to make decorations, the cake, cupcakes, favors and goody bags.

For the main focus of the cake, I wanted to make the Sesame Street Sign/Logo but have it read Kokona Street instead. I envisioned a three tiered cake decorated with the primary colors, edible crayons and an ELMO cake topper of course. The cake turned just as I had hoped!The flavor of the cake was vanilla cake with berry filling and lemon buttercream. The cupcakes were vanilla cake with lemon and berry buttercream.

To accompany the cake and matching cupcakes I made M&M and cotton candy cones; to further add to the kids' sugar high! The steps I took to make the cones are as follows:

1. I cut and taped parchment paper into cones.

2. I made thank you labels out of Kokona's invitation and glued them on.

3. I figured they would look nicer if I could somehow hang them on something due to their shape. Therefore, I poked a hole on top of each one, ran a ribbon through the top and tied them on a silver plate stand that I had.

4. Finally, I filled each one half way with M&Ms and topped them off with cotton candy.

Sticky labels of the invite were also used for the party favors (which were individual cupcakes in peep window boxes). Colorful ribbon was used to tie each one.
I was pretty satisfied with the way everything turned out. Thanks to everyone that was there to help us celebrate our Sesame Street bash!

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Sugar Bear said...

We had such a fabulous time! Everything so well put together - you did a great job!