Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fruit Du Jour

For those that have toddlers that are picky eaters will definitely appreciate this post!
When it's time for Kokona to eat her fruit I cut it up in tiny little bite size pieces, put her in her high chair, do a little song and dance and pray she'll eat at least a few bites. Usually she just ends up smooshing the fruit du jour and using it as hand lotion. She then proceeds to smear what hasn't fallen on the floor all over the table only to leave me with a nice sticky mess to clean up. Therefore, if most parents can get their picky eaters to eat their fruit they'll do whatever it takes. Today Kokona decided to eat her fruit on my new Kitchen Aid, and to my surprise she ate the whole orange. I almost don't want to take the mixer out of the box! Not only did my Kitchen Aid get Kokona to eat her fruit, it also inspired me to create a new flavor for this Friday... Orange Cranberry!

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